After years of requests to buy designs that were previously a custom home project, Tim Brown Architecture decided to create collections of home designs that would be available to a broader client base at a more affordable reach. We wanted to create a boutique shopping experience for anyone who is looking for an online home plan. Taking our 15 years of custom home design experience, and condensing it into common ideas and concepts was not an easy task.

It took hundreds of hours to develop each design available at Perch Plans. The drawings and documents you will receive are comprehensive and include most of the information needed to complete your project, including, design drawings, written specifications and energy design (HVAC). Specific regional design information will be required in most instances (structural and local ordinance).

The designs are divided into seasons. Each season will contain four to six designs that share the same design style and aesthetic. Each home design will have a limited run of 50 sales. That is, once we sell 50 of any design it is removed from the inventory and is no longer available for purchase. We have also implemented a zip code restriction on every design. The zip code of each home site is recorded. No design will be sold to a client in the same zip code. We strongly believe in keeping an eclectic range of homes in every neighborhood in order to preserve the designs and not have a repetitive design on any street.

We do offer consulting for light modifications through our team of Architects at Tim Brown Architecture, LLC. In order to maintain the original intent of the designs, large modifications and changes are discouraged. You may contact Tim Brown Architecture, LLC. to receive a quote for the modifications you desire.